Syllabus for January 2018 Lesson Series

Here’s a brief description of each of the lessons for the “Ten Weeks to Basic Bridge” series beginning in January 2018.

Players with some experience are welcome to join for individual lessons.  For those with little or no experience, it is recommended to start with the first lesson and continue from there. All dates are subject to change.

Lesson Dates & Topics

2018-01-03 (Week 1) Fundamental Concepts
The deal; the auction; the contract; and hand valuation using high card points.

2018-01-10 (Week 2) Cardplay and Opening Bids
Agreements about opening bids; standard carding (attitude and suit-preference signals); choosing an opening bid; reading inferences from partner’s opening bid; general cardplay techniques.

2018-01-17 (Week 3) Suit Auctions
Responding to Opener’s bid; rebidding as Opener; rebidding as Responder; selecting a denomination and level for the contract.

2018-01-24 (Week 4) Notrump Auctions
The Stayman convention; Jacoby Transfers; Relay to Minors; natural responses to Notrump opening bids.

2018-01-31 (Week 5) Interfering in Their Auction
Takeout Doubles; imple overcalls; jump overcalls.

2018-02-07 (Week 6) Coping With Interference
Negative Doubles; cuebids; Jordan 2NT; forcing bids; alerts; announcements.

2018-02-14 (NO LESSON)

2018-02-21 (Week 7) Specialized Opening Bids
Strong Two-Club opening bids and responses; Weak Two opening bids; other weak preemptive bids; responses to weak bids.

2018-02-28 (NO LESSON)

2018-03-07 (Week 8) Slam Bidding
Direct slam bids; general invitations to slam; the “Grand Slam Force”; control-showing cuebids; Ace-asking bids (Blackwood and Gerber).

2018-03-14 (Week 9) Standard American Extras
Michaels Cuebid; Unusual Notrump; Jacoby 2NT; alerts and explanations.

2018-03-21 (Week 10) Planning the Auction and Play
Envisioning where to play the contract and how high; assessing your winners & losers; creating winners; eliminating losers.

Series Details

Lesson fee: $10 per person per lesson collected on a pay-as-you-go basis. Discounts for age 25 & under.

All lessons are on Wednesday evenings starting at 7pm sharp.  Location: Seattle Bridge Center, 1539 NE 145th Street, Seattle WA 98125.

Do you have questions? Are you ready to sign up? Post a reply here or visit the Meetup group Seattle Bridge Beginner Lessons to RSVP for the lesson(s) of your choice.