2019 Summer Schedule for Bridge Novice/Beginner Players

2019 Summer Schedule for Bridge Novice/Beginner Players
at Seattle Bridge Center, 1539 NE 145th Street, Seattle

All events run from 7pm to about 9:30pm. Light snacks are provided.

Office Hours. Mondays, 7 to 9:30 pm
June 24; July 15; July 29; August 12; August 26

  • Bring your bridge questions – or just watch, play a few boards, or discuss the game.
  • Don’t play bridge yet? Come see what it’s all about!
  • $5 per person; free for age 18 & under

Lessons.  Wednesday evenings, 7pm to 9:30pm

June 26: 1NT Forcing ($10)
Use 1NT as a forcing response to a major-suit opening bid.

July 17: Convention Card ($15)
Walk through all sections of the convention card.

July 31: Playing a Team Game ($10)
Learn how a team game works, including scoring.

August 14: Leads & Signals ($10)
Communicate with your partner for better defense.

August 28: Stayman, Jacoby, and Friends ($10)
Respond to partner’s 1NT opening bid when you hold 4 or 5 cards in a major suit.

More info:        Email SeattleBridgeCenter@gmail.com
or call David at 206/336-3428

The next 10-week series of beginner lessons will start on September 4.